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История "Азовской Академии" в фотографиях с 1994 г. [33]
Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... [25]
Международные встречи и контакты в Европе и Америке [23]


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Главная » Фотоальбом » Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... » Dr V.Vasiljev-Marquis Who'sWho HomePages
Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev
Fl 24, Nahimova, 122 St Mariupol, 87534 Ukraine
Dear Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev:
We're proud to announce the arrival of Marquis Who's Who Home Pages !
This exciting new Internet service has been developed exlusively for Marquis Who's Who* Biographees to provide you with a unique vehisle for communicating throughout the World Wide Web, whether your interests are personal, professional or both.
With your personal Marquis Who's Who Home Page, or web site, the possibilities are endless. Use it to connect with colleaques, attact employers to your posted resume or Marquis biography, direct customers to your products or services, or simply use it to keep in touch with friends and family. What you do with your home page will make it as individually expressive and effective a communication tool as you'd like it to be. Here are a few questions and answers to help explain this exciting, new service in greater detall ...
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Дата: 2009-07-31 | Теги: Who'sWho HomePages, Marquis Who'sWho, Valery Vasiljev | Добавил: Vasiljev
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