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Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... [25]
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Главная » Фотоальбом » Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... » Dr V.Vasiljev-Leading Scientist of the World 2006
21st July 2006
Dr Valery A Vasiljev
Fl 24 Nahimova, 122. St 87534 Mariupol Donetsk Region Ukraine
Dear Dr Vasiljev - You are to be congratulated. Many thousands of biographies from a wide variety of sources are investigated by the Research and Editorial Departments of the International Biographical Centre each year for inclusion in our renowned reference books and a significant enough contribution in their field to engender influence on a local, national or international basis. You are one of these contributors to excellence. You have, through your constant efforts, maintained a standard worth rewarding. Therefore, as a noted and eminent professional in your field you have now been considered and nominated for recognition by the IBC. Ratification of this nomination by the Awards Board is now complete and it is therefore my great honour to name you as an inaugural member of the IBC LEADING SCIENTISTS of the WORLD 2006 As holder of this distinction, you can be assured of your place in our history and be gratified that your work has not only been noticed but recognised as outstanding. In any one year few of the world's foremost scientists, both the famous and the uncelebrated, from all disciplines will be able to populate this exclusive list. These are people whose daily work makes a difference - not just those who populate the headlines. It is henceforth decreed that you should be on this list for 2006 but as bearer of this honour you will be recorded for perpetuity in the halls of the International Biographical Centre - I trust you will be pround to know your name is to take its rightful place. ... I am very pleased to be able to bring you this news and hope you feel proud of the influence you have on your colleagues and friends. It is only left for me to offer my sincere congratulations. I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely Nicholas S. Law Director General
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