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История "Азовской Академии" в фотографиях с 1994 г. [33]
Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... [25]
Международные встречи и контакты в Европе и Америке [23]


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Главная » Фотоальбом » Выставка к 80 Др В.Васильева в Европе (IBC in Cambridge; "Who'sWho", American B. I. in... » Dr Valery Vasiljev - Man of the Year
Dear Dr. Vasiljev, It is my great pleasure to invite you to be a 2006 recipient of the American Biographical Institute's Man of the Year Commemorative Medal. The Institute wishes to confer on a small number of men, representing a variety of countries, this medal in recognition of contributions to society.
I commend you on your level of accomplishment that was highlighted in Great Minds of the 21st Century. I personally selected you for Man of the Year based on your biographical entry in this important reference edition. ... Dr. Vasiljev, I would like to stress that since the medal will be granted in limited issue worldwide during 2006, you are urged to make known your acceptance as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee your nomination is a supreme symbol of distinction. Should you decline acceptance, I kindly ask that you indicate this to me, as I would like to nominate an alternative recipient.
I look forward to your response that can be easily indicated on the enclosed card and mailed in the reply envelope. A medal is tentatively reserved for you, Dr. Vasiljev, as a 2006 Man of the Year.
J.M. Evans Director, Board of International Research
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