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Международные научные конференции - Форумы [66]
Материалы ИНТЕРНЕТ конференций и Форумов с указанием участников, целей и новых идей, появившихся в результате их проведения
Программа "Красная книга культур Европы" [23]
Обоснование и основные итоги выполнения программы по греческому, армянскому и болгарскому этносам, а также по региональным культурам украинского народа
Проект "Новая Готия" [55]
Раскрываются истоки украинской государственности и глубоких историко-культурных связей украинцев с германскими народами, которые имели независимое государство на территории Украины до 1775 г.
Закон сохранения труда и закон неуничтожимости интеллектуально-духовного труда в экономике и истории [78]
Раскрываются особенности проявления закона сохранения труда в экономике государств Восточной Европы и индустриально-развитых стран, а также приводятся факты подтверждающие существование закона неуничтожимости интеллектуально-духовного труда в исторической ретроспективе и при анализе наиболее важных сфер человеческой деятельности
Премия"Голика-Гули-Каримова-Васильева"Кумпана; Медаль"Св.Игнатия,Митр.Готии и Кафы&qu... [15]
История становления "Премии Кумпана", её лауреаты, Положение о присуждении, НАЦЕЛЕННОСТЬ на общецивилизационные ценности; История учреждения Академической Международной Медали "Святого Игнатия, Митрополита Готии и Кафы", её лауреаты, кандидатуры выдающихся экономистов на присуждение Медали, одобренные Академиком, проф. Валерием Васильевым, Положение о присуждении и не публичный характер вручения, что необходимо при осуществлении реальной духовной поддержки
Поддержка интеллектуально-духовных Лидеров Мира, защита Прав Человека, работа с МБЦ- Кембридж и АБИ [58]
Создание номинации Интеллектуально-Духовные Лидеры Мира, первые её номинанты в 2004 году; защита Прав Человека в Украине; кандидатуры в справочные издания Международного Биографического Центра в Кембридже и в издания Американского Биографического Института


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Главная » Статьи » Статьи и научные публикации /articles & science » Закон сохранения труда и закон неуничтожимости интеллектуально-духовного труда в экономике и истории

Exhibition to the 80yr Dr Valery Vasiljev -Letter to Herr Peters Zvajgzne

Director «Sarcanajs-Metalurgs»

lm@metalurgs.lv                                                                                       Herr  Peters Zvajgzne


Dear Sir,


We are prepare Exhibition to the 80year of academician of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine, academician of New York Academy of sciences, Member of International Biographic Center in Cambridge, member of Board of Advisers of American Biographic Institute, Laureate of Medal MBC in Cambridge, as Author of Law of Preservation of Labour and one of «2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of 21st Century» on the nomination of IBC in Cambridge, doctor of commerce Academy ES&E, cand.econ.scies, high scies empl., professors of KIE of University of «Ukraine» Vasiljev  Valery Alexandrovich (You will look http://azov-acamemy.ocoz.org, http://iescr-catholic.ucoz.de,  www.cic-wsc.org  ).

The Foreign of Ukraine ministry prompted us to work out the question of lead through of Exhibition with Civil International Committee of Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, which with 2006 heads Dr Ernesto Garcia, to organize it in Spain.

We did it and Dr Ernesto Garcia conducted indeed very large work and sent us all of necessary forms for organization of Exhibition in Spain at indeed high level on behalf of ungovernmental organization, that sharply reduces costs in exhibition PAVILION  in October, 2009 !

However, Dr Ernesto Garcia will not be able to take part in organization of Exhibition, coming from the personal problems, therefore it we only able to conduct forces of our organizations in 2010.

In the day of Metallurgists, which 19.07.2009 mark in the countries of East Europe, an idea came us - what if to connect Exhibition with the appeal of attention of public on the products of leading metallurgical enterprises on which researches were conducted on initiative of Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev (!), especially as all of scientific developments of Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev are related mainly to heavy industry, with metallurgy.  Money for a place and insurance at the level of a 240 euro - the same a bit! Really will not find the interested leaders in the conditions of crisis, when is it necessary to search the new ways of bringing in of attention to the products ?

Why does all of it become possible to do ? And because in 1972 practically only due to rare ability to work and activity from the side of young scientist and leader of the Metallurgical combine named of  Il'icha Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev in Ministry of black metallurgy the USSR a decision to conduct on the base of Central Technological Laboratory of  MMC named of Il'icha, which was managed by V.A.Vasiljev, was accepted Conference of repair services of metallurgical enterprises of the states of Advice of Economic mutual Help. And this conference was conducted very successfully. After its lead through the main mechanic of MMC named of Il'icha P.A. Zelepukin went away to work to Moscow (it is the greatest increase and quarry growth at that time).

We will familiarize with materials which were reported the foreign colleagues of V.A. Vasiljev and his comrades to the colleagues from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and Yugoslavia. Basic publications are attributed to three to the basic sections of scientific activity  of doctor-engineer   V.A. Vasiljev to 1972 yr to made: Casting and model production - 14; Technological decisions - 11; Economy and organization of production - 7 (look Appendix 1).

It all was done to meeting on International Conference-Conference of repair services of metallurgical with specialists enterprises Czechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and Yugoslavia. The same what powerful impulse was given by this CONFERENCE, if after him for ten years, not to mention about ten of research works, Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev only published to on: To the casting and model production - 20; To the technological decisions - 16; To the economy and organization of production - 11 (look Appendix 2).

Certainly, it is not international cooperation and there can not be an alternative is obvious. And in scientific interests of V.A. Vasiljev became fully to prevail questions of organization and economy, although on engineerings sciences to  1972 were written already two candidate's dissertations  (first to 1954 yr, and second to 1971-73 yryr) on the executed and inculcated works (!). But Valery Alexandrovich set aside their defence and began to give all of forces economic questions, as made sure in their most meaningfulness for East Europe ! For life the story of specialists from Yugoslavia (once or twice retold me), which paid a regard to in the personal conversation with Valery Alexandrovicha Vasiljev by the modern European level of going near providing of activity of metallurgical and machine-building enterprises in Europe, went down in memory him. In Yugoslavia then repair threw (details and knots) manufacturers supplied from Western Europe (producers of the equipment set at the plant), on comparatively low prices - during the planned lead through of repairs,  and on more high prices - at unplanned repairs, and also at very urgent repair delivery by air is possible was even (price in 5-7 times higher ordinary).  And it when in East Europe (THE USSR) every metallurgical combine had the «natural economy» is a block of repair workshops, which repaired all of equipment which was set on combines. What crackpot high cost of repair metal (details and knots for an operating equipment) was  in the USSR (!!). And what low quality as compared to colleagues even from Central Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia) ! Improbability of situation consisted in that on enterprises did not even save in castings workshops the models of those details which constantly fallen out and they must it was be periodically changed. It was all of time to do these models anew (how many went tree and labour !), but a model can it was utilize dozens of one times (will save only). But a problem was in their warehausing, as from one side as though a place was not enough on storages, and from other - wooden models understood workings on boards and carried on houses ! Laughter and sin on it was to look, and the more so with it to fight. Rare thriftless ness and exceptionally expense economic irresponsible production ! But such position was to on to many to directions, especially, all of it looked at oneself wildly during exploitation of the imported (very much money) high-fidelity machine-tools for treatment of metal of equipped by a hydraulics which practically “clever men» took off at once (it «interfered» with them; the observance of instructions - the same the labour which was not paid). Strikingly, that yet all worked somehow, and today political speculators and adventurers want to return at that time  card-table cottages of prosperity and air locks of unattainable prospects. Certainly, by it they the more of itself frighten, what circumferential, but someone contains them and supports finances their affected thickness (!).   

The higher resulted information shows conformity to the law of support Ministry of black metallurgy the USSR  of lead through of economical and society researches which methodologically and methodically grounded V.A Vasiljev on the enterprises of heavy and transport engineer and metallurgy. Your factory of «Sarkanajs-metallurgs»  was plugged in TASK  Minchermeta from 18.10.1984 yr № VP-13076/47 in the list of seven enterprises for industries on which in 1983, 1984 and 1985 years SRW  was conducted on the topic «Research-and-development basic indexes of teem  economic calculation in the conditions of economic experiment on the enterprises of industry». As a chief of research section of the Mariupol metallurgical institute, Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev, sent twice research groups to Your enterprise -  in 1984 and in 1985 and the socio-economic analysis of the got information confirmed expectations (see Table 1), probably, perspective thinking workers of ministry (and such people were !).

That assigned carefully thought out and grounded,  with the receipt of possibility for technical and social  prognostication, for me does not cause a doubt. Because, exactly at this time, on the cleanly technical topic «Research and introduction of the cast instrument and details of metallurgical equipment», conducted by agreement №22/03 from 25.03.1983 with Ministry of black metallurgy,  with SIC of «Tulachermet», with USRIMekhchermet by the scientists of the Mariupol metallurgical institute through the department of physics (chief prof. V.V.Styrov) in 1983-1990, indeed innovations began by us to be approved after meeting with the specialists of «Sarkanajs-Metallurgs» (!). Exactly, on this enterprise we were sent by the workers of ministry and specialists of USRIMekhchermet and SIC of «Tulachermet».  And why? And because there honestly and the specialists of factory and scientists worked interestedly, aiming at a continuous teem began to provide high quality of metal and firmness of kristallizatorov. Whatever only they approved ! How many did original inventions ! Even silver in a copper for kristallizatorov added, hoping cardinally to promote heat conductivity of copper (certainly, it gave nothing). Probably, their gust was passed and to us, therefore by us two copper alloys were then developed for kristallizatorov (Copyright certificate  №1140478 «Alloy on the basis of copper»; Positive decision on an invention №4080869 «Alloy on the basis of copper»), charge for naplavki (Copyright certificate №1249807), composition of powder-like wire for naplavki (Copyright certificate №1125879), and even method of the local alloying of foundings and bars (Copyright certificate №1077697). We were do experiments to on laser treatment and a lot of other innovations was approved yet, but a shove was given by works, conducted on «Sarkanajs-Metallrgs». Years pass and begin to understand why so a sea pleased, exactly, in this town, where in the evening it is possible simply to have dinner in barins, where people are sincerely interested in the results of business, where Leonid Shmyrev, from Mariupol,   makes the impression native of Latvia.

A CULTURE - the Cultural investments in all of spheres of activity is very important !

Here, why – had analyzing the results of the sociological questioning at the end of 80th Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev supported the idea of the system of socially-status stimulation (without «Sarkanajs-Metallurgs» this idea was not), development of which at once was approved by Ministry of black metallurgy, sincerely (Conclusion of Vice-Minister V.I.Pankrushina from 1986) -«there is of Great interest raising and ground of expedience of development of the system of socially-status stimulation in industry».

All of it already then transformed for Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev in 1999 in the Law of Preservation of Labour formulated and grounded by him, that was at once appraised President of Academy of economic sciences and entrepreneurial activity, prof., Dr.econ.scies. V.N.Kirichenko and President of New York Academy of sciences, Drf Rodneem Nicholsom. It achievement in 2003 was marked the Personal Medal of International Biographic Center in Cambridge, as to one of «2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of 21st Century», where is written «Valery Vasiljev: Auth: Law-Preservation-Labour». And it is marked in editions «Who is Who in Science and Engineering» (THE USA) and in editions of American Biographic Institute.  In general, moral support from the side of international biographic institutes and associations of scientists is a separate large theme which needs to be exposed and in letters and in the articles (you will look Photo album with letters from IBC in Cambridge of Dr V.A.Vasiljev http://kumpan-muller.ucoz.de ). In fact without this support many scientists would not take a place very much, it was not exceptionally important openings and ideas (!). We in this letter (will mark only) will underline our sincere gratitude Director General of IBC in Cambridge of Nikolsu S. Law, to Director General of American Biographic Institute J. Evans and to all of leaders of foreign institutes and centers, to sending the letters of Dr V.A.Vasiljev ! Many thanks !

As see - much links us and, especially, academician of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of commerce, cand.econ.scis., high.scies.empl., prof. CIE of University «Ukraine» V.A. Vasiljev with Your enterprise and with Latvia. Therefore participating of collective of «Sarkanajs-Metallurgs» in organized Institute of economical and socio-cultural  researches (legal successor of DESMC of Academy of sciences of Ukraine) to the exhibition to the 80year of academician of New York Academy of Sciences V.A.Vasiljev in Spain perceived very grounded and organically. And if due to this participation it will be succeeded to come into a notice to the competitive products of factory of «Sarkanajs-Metallurgs», we all will be it sincerely glad !

With sincere respect,



Always Yours  Alexander Valerievich Vasiljev (Vasiljev-Muller)


Director of Institute of economical and socio-cultural researches (legal successor of DESMC of Academy of sciences of Ukraine), vice-chairman Civil international Committee of Intellectual and Spiritual Unity, Dr.econ. (PhD), high.scies.empl., Honoured member of Academy ES&E, member AAAS, member New York Academy of Sciences.



We are with Valery Alexandrovichem Vasiljev, probably, only in 2004 understood why for us such warm sense is personal to Pribaltike, especially to Liepai (drevn. Libava), founded as early as 1263 yr.. Meeting with a brother, Edward Henrichvichem Gartung, Valery Alexandrovich Vasiljev remembered together with him, that Pelageya Danielovna Polyanskaya, their grandmother, by birth from Pribaltiki (nobiliary Lithuanian Herb of «Lubich»). That is why in young days V.A.Vasiljev wanted to work in Elgave and even took sending to the machine-building plant from a ministry.  Ethnic roots early or late, but however will give about itself to know. But it and well ! Therefore Amber from Libava for me always warm !


I am sorry for a long letter, but it was desirable to pass to you the vision of events.


Источник: http://Хозрасчет в ремонтных цехах //Васильев В.А. и др. Книга, Изд. «Донбасс», 1975
Категория: Закон сохранения труда и закон неуничтожимости интеллектуально-духовного труда в экономике и истории | Добавил: Vasiljev (2009-07-31) | Автор: Vasiljev-Muller, Alexander V.
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