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Общественная аттестация докторов наук и Болонский процесс - интеграция в Европейский Союз [15]
Постановления, положения и результаты проведения общественной аттестации докторов наук с 1992-1995 гг., направленной на поддержку талантливых исследоватей, снижения административных препятствий и ускорение вхождения в профессиональную научную среду предпринимателей, инженеров, специалистов и магистров


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Главная » Статьи » Интеграция в Европейский Союз /To European Union » Общественная аттестация докторов наук и Болонский процесс - интеграция в Европейский Союз

Response on the dissertation of Magisterial / Ольга А. Васильева-Магистр-2009

Prykarpattya national university of the name of V. Stefanyka

about qualifying work on the receipt of educational qualification master's "degree" of student of PGTU Olga Oleksandrovny Vasiljevoj on a theme : the "Problem questions of organization of the controlled from distance
studies to technical specialities (on the example of providing of course "QUALITY And Serrification of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES
Of course that machines which are produced by an engineer must incarnate the last achievements of scientific thought, answer the greatest technik-economical, aesthetic and other requirements of consumers, to be competition  in the world market. Than higher their quality - that more reliable way to complete satisfaction of necessities of national economy in necessary wares.
Therefore actuality of master's degree work of Olga Oleksandr, especially, taking into account her aimed at introduction in higher school of Ukraine of principles of Bolohsk's agreement, does not cause doubts.
In a methodological plan deserves really attention of the modern going near the display of progress of the controlled from distance forms of studies trends and him historical sources, especially, спирання on facts which over was yet brought by the founder of the Ukrainian academy of sciences of V.I.Vernadskiy. But theoretical searches did not distract Olga Oleksandr from the practical tasks of development of computer-integrated course "QUALITY And Sertification of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES", at development of which she did many methodical innovations really, beginning from laying out of material to 9 divisions, but non-destructive, and groups of questions and tests
lecture material, concluding pointing on necessary for mastering of material of literary sources after every division.
Very good to mark independence of author in realization of researches, especially in the ground of preparatory to the controlled from distance studies course of "Basis of informatics for the controlled from distance studies", which will enable really professionally to use Internet by resources to the students almost с of the first semesters of studies in an university.
It is necessary to mark and independence of development of course "QUALITY And СЕРТИФ1КАЦІЯ of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES"", which a student working on degree thesis laid down from two separate courses "QUALITY of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES" and "СЕРТИФ of 1КАЦІЯ of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES". Consider necessary to mark and introduction in this computer-integrated course of developments of candidate of engineerings sciences, associate professor Valery Tymofij Власова, which only will strengthen practical aimed of studies on the worked out course.
Suggestion to divide a lecture course into nine divided it is also considered for the controlled from distance studies me appropriate, because especially lecture material forms group in thematic subdivisions, and it facilitates perception and mastering of ideas of course.
At the same time consider necessary to pay attention to expediency in the future to complement one of divisions consideration of the modes of operations of кранового equipment. As known such gradation of the modes operates: easy, middle, heavy, very heavy. And each of these modes needs observance of the norms of safety and prophylactic measures, already not speaking about the graphic arts of repairs. It really necessary for future specialists knowledge of и that is why пропаную yet to
complement practical part consideration of the use of the special traverse for getting up and moving of loads by two faucets.            
To it practical example it will be succeeded to give mind students on possibility not to overload, or substantially to decrease loading on faucets due to the redistribution of loading between faucets. All of it it is possible to do due to a high-quality calculation, when the hook of fixing transports my good it is set on a traverse in the distance from the hooks of faucets, inversely proportional to their carrying capacity (L1/L2 = Q1/Q2).
      In the same time the use pleased me in the diploma of practical work on the topic the "Patent department of university and realization of patent researches" (В.Т.Власов, В.В.Суглобов), and also to the order of Ministry of industrial policy after №492 from 25.12.2006, in which the envisaged requirements to freight liftings faucets, підйомних of devices, control and by a test. I am pleasant that магістрант took into account the modern requirements of higher school and "QUALITY And СЕРТИФ1КАЦІЯ of LIFTING-TRANSPORT MACHINES" added the program of computer-integrated course in official language.
       Everything can be improved clearly, that, but on the whole master's degree work is produced on a due high-quality level. An author proved a specialist and researcher, that is why there is sense to propagandize to her to continue scientific labour in аспірантурі. But on this stage her scientific career it is necessary to admit large labour, which she executed for the counted months and her a master's degree diploma is integral and complete work which answers the requirements of висшої school of Ukraine. Therefore 
thinking the  diploma labour to defence, and student - to admit the formed specialist.

Источник: http://iescr-catholic.ucoz.de/publ/1-1-0-15
Категория: Общественная аттестация докторов наук и Болонский процесс - интеграция в Европейский Союз | Добавил: Vasiljev (2009-08-04) | Автор: Petr Ivanovich Melnic
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