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Сокращенный курс макроэкономической теории с использованием фундаментальных работ Зиновия Григорьевича Ватаманюка, Виктора Дмитриевича Базилевича, Валерия Александровича Васильева, Кемпбелла Р. Макконелла и Стенли Л. Брю


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Macroeconomic indexes in a SNC - 2 part

Index of GNP which reflects current prices, that such index which is not adjusted taking into account the standard of prices, the unadjusted is otherwise named, shown in dollars on a current course, money, or nominal GNP. By analogical appearance index GNP, adjusted taking into account inflation (that price increases) or deflation (that lowering of prices), is adjusted, shown in dollars on an unchanging course, or real GNP.

The most simple and direct method of deflations or inflations of nominal GNP of this year is dividing of nominal GNP by a price index in a decimal form. It gives the same result, as well as more difficult procedure of division of nominal GNP on the proper index and increases of got private on 100.

Working out the totals, maybe, that by the index of real GNP the cost of general production volume is measured in different years at supposition about the unchanging level of prices since a base year and during all of the considered period. Thus, real GNP shows the market value of volume of products of every year, measured in permanent prices, that in dollars, which have a that price, or purchasing power, as well as in a base year. Real GNP is more exact as compared to nominal GNP description of functioning of economy.

Table 3-3 illustrates the process of inflations and deflations based on the real information. For the receipt of real GNP fact sheets are utilized about the level of nominal GNP for separate        


Table 3-3 Adjustment of GNP taking into account   the standard of prices

(for separate years, in mlrd.dol.)



Nominal, or unadjusted VNP

Index of standard of prices * (in %; 1982=100)

Real, or adjusted, VNP (in the costs of 1982)




1094,8 ( - 212,4 : 0,194)








1538,0 ( - 456,8 : 0,297)








2367,9 ( - 892,7 : 0,377)




2608,1 (- 1212,8 : 0,465)








3187,8 ( = 2732,0:0,857)




3166,0 ( = 3166,0: 1,000)








3722,8 ( = 4240,3 : 1,139)




3994,9 ( = 4861,8 : 1,217)

*Expected the department of commerce the USA  reference  deflator of prices 
 years and corrected on the base of index of general standard of prices for these years. We will notice that base is 1982.
The different indexes of national income are not taken into account by unmarket and illegal transactions, change of fund of spare time and quality of commodities, composition and distributing of the combined issue, and also ecological consequences of production. The nevertheless indicated indexes serve as enough exact and by the very useful indicators of the economic state of country.

Additional stroke to the sources of filling of budget and to the balanced growth of economy of Ukraine, USA, France,  Germany and  Japan 

(notes 2005 academician AEN Ukraine of Valery Vasiljev)


«Only people, gifted strong national sense, are able to create

prominent works in area of sciences political  and social»

Frederic List, 1841

Analyzing the consequences of renewal of national economy in countries most blasted   in the period of the second world war (1939-1945) and comparing to the indexes of economic development of the USA after a crisis 1929-1933 pays attention on itself, that the most steady socio-economic results are arrived at the observance of optimum betweens by an income and profits of population of countries.

Intensive renewal and development of pertaining to national economy complex taking a place in a period from 1950 to 1960 in France, Germany and Japan characterized  the stormy increase of active part of capital production assets. So in Japan of capital investment in an equipment in a private sector grew in 1956 on 58%, in 1957 on 42%, in 1959 on 28%, in 1960 on 43%.

In 60-70 of ХХ st. there was a further technical rearmament of national economy in these countries here in France and Germanium the standard of life increased intensively, in Japan intensive growth of production proceeded with passing ahead growth of capital investments in an equipment (according to plan of cabinet of prime minister Ikeda  for ten years a national income must was be doubled. Thus the increase of production must was make 7,2%; the increase of capital investments in an equipment was set in 7,1%. The real growth of production, however, was 12% in a year, capital investments in an equipment - 15,7%).

Presently in the developed states with a stable enough economy a budget appears by taxation of profits of physical persons (income-tax), taxes for the use of natural resources and capital duties, here middle information on an income-tax make 15-25% profits of physical persons, on a tax on natural resources 5-8% to the evaluation cost of these resources, capital duty scope to 5% passive and 8-10% active capital.

On a fig. 2.1. the dynamics of change of stake of income-tax is presented in the budget of the five developed countries of the world; sizes of income-tax in % to the profit and profitability of labour - relations arrived to the profits of population taking into account social charges.

Information testifies about job of folk-economic complex of Ukraine performances, that proceeds in Ukraine, though more slow, deepening of the crisis state. World experience testifies that an exit from a crisis is possible only in the case of bringing in of internal resources enterprises, firms and sole proprietors.

Taking into account that the basic constituents of national riches it is been:

- human potential;

- natural potential;

- financial potential,

the budget of the state must appear due to each of these factors, and annual investments must be not below 8-10% to the book value of the fixed assets, that will allow to provide 6-8% growth of GNP.

We all can not forget the words of the Great scientist of Germany X1X centuries of Frederic Lista: «History specifies the necessities of the future clear, teaching, how in all of epochs…”

Источник: http://kumpan-muller.ucoz.de/publ/makroehkonomicheskie_pokazateli_v_sisteme_nacionalnykh_schetov_2_
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